If you are interested in a guy do you try to text back quickly as possible or do you just play hard?

Question for you girls

So I'm texting this girl that I like, and I think it's pretty obvious that she gets the idea I'm interested... If you are interested in a guy do you try to text back quickly as possible or do you just play hard to get sorta thing and leave it in intervals? I feel as she is doing that lol cause she seems to be aware that I'm interested and sorta giving me signs that she wouldn't mind if I asked her out for date, We are just text chatting cause we're in the midst of exams...


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  • It depends on how close I am with the guy. Like if I barely knew you and only know you from classes...like I am not close with you, then I will wait in intervals, lol! Like I WONT respond right away! If I have been friends with you and we are some what close then I wouldn't think twice about responding immediately. However, all girls are different, and I am the type of girl that "plays hard to get" and you know what's funny about it? Is that it's not intentional! LOL! Literally I don't try to "play hard to get" It's only cause I am afraid I will look desperate, and I don't want to be labeled as a desperate girl that is bugging this guy, and so guys just assume I play that game. Haha! So...I am not saying she is like that but she could also be playing hard to get but not intentionally! She sounds shy, and honestly I think you should ask her out, cause anytime when someone is shy and the other person is not, the person that is not shy should be the one to initiate, cause it will go nowhere lol! I am speaking from experience cause I am a shy girl. Hope I helped! <3 one love

  • Really depends on the girl. Some girls like to play hard to get and text in intervals rather than immediately.

    But that said, it also depends on what kind of guy the girl thinks he is. Sometimes the girl IS interested but because she thinks the guy might be scared off by how overly enthusiastic she seems she will try to play it cool.


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