What's the best gift you've ever given to someone you were dating? How much did it cost?

What's the best gift YOU'VE ever received from someone you were dating?


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  • I really suck at gift giving haha. I tend to show I care by doing small random acts rather than a big thing. But my go-to gift to someone I'm dating is to bake his favorite thing (cookies or brownies) and write a love note.

    I've gotten two amazing gifts from guys I've dated that stick out in particular. Funnily enough, they're totally opposite as far as cost goes.

    The first one was a necklace given to me from my first love. He took a class trip to Europe and was gone during my birthday, so he bought the necklace over there and gave it to me when he got back. It was around $60 and the reason I loved it was that I love being able to wear something that reminds me of my boyfriend... like a jacket or necklace or anything. I like being able to take part of him with me everywhere.

    The second one was from my best guy friend at the time who I'm now dating. Again, we weren't dating at the time. But one day, when I was home from college on Christmas Break, he and I went to Applebees to get a late snack. After we left he gave me a napkin, on which he had written in crayon: "Merry Christmas beautiful." That was around 3 years ago and the napkin is hanging in my room.


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  • it sounds trite but the best responses to gifts I've were ones that cost less but were more from the heart. I've spent $100s and not gotten a similar reaction to a gift that cost $10 less or even didn't cost me anything...

    e.g. I once took a prescription medicine bottle. took off the label and printed my own label. basically the persons name and take as needed. inside I wrote little messages. Quotes on love, fidelity, short memories of stuff we'd done together, sweet little messages about how I felt abotu them, and then some sort of redeemable services (if you know what I mean)...probably cost me $0 (maybe the 20cents to print the little label). I think that was probably one of the best reactions I ever got

  • i dislike the exchange of material gifts in relationships

    • don't you think it's possible to give some a physical representation of how you feel about them? not necessarily expensive

    • oh yes absolutely, I could have clarified that I just didn't...

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