Why doesn't he try to have sex with me anymore?

I have been dating a guy for a month. We had sex a few times before we started dating and it was amazing. Since he's asked me out, we've had sex once. We see each other quite a bit, and spend about 2-3 nights a week together, where we will strip down, and sleep together.

The thing is, that's all we ever do. He kisses me and holds me and is otherwise very affectionate with me, but he does not even attempt to have sex with me. He always tells me I'm beautiful, and that I have perfect boobs/butt/body so I guess I know he finds me attractive. I know he enjoys having sex with me because he tells me that my p**** feels the best ever, he loves it when I suck his cock... etc.

I have tried to initiate sex with him a few times, but he usually tells me that he just wants to hold me and sleep with me, or that we can do it in the morning. I feel kind of rejected.

Its pretty much a normal relationship otherwise, we watch movies, cook together and talk but the no sex thing is weird to me, especially because we did it all the time, usually a few times a night before we were dating.

He is also 16 years older than me (I'm 19), and is divorced (not recent), my friends say this might have something to do with it, just felt I should throw that in. What's going on? What are some reasons he doesn't want to do it?


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  • That's strange. Well, I at least know of one possible reason: could it be that he is medicated with something that might cause him erection problems? I know there are all kind of drugs that have that effect, for example stuff that you take to get over a drinking problem. Maybe he does, but doesn't want to tell you. If he can have an erection at all (you might notice when you sleep together), then it's something else.

    He might be feeling guilt because of the age difference, but then it makes no sense that he keeps seeing you. Maybe he is worried of getting you pregnant? It might only have occurred to him after some discussion you two had.


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