Do you think/believe females get a free pass if they never been on a date?

Title says it all What do you think? yes or no and how come? I would say yes they do get a free pass because everyone will blame the guy for not making a move even though we're in the year 2013 and women especially feminist want things to be equal. But yet never make the first move themselves because its considered unlady like whatever that means. Of course there's some exception if the guys hot or really good lookin. Keep this polite and civil.

  • Yes females do get a free pass when not dating
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  • No females don't get a free pass when not dating.
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If anyone here is gonna call me bitter don't answer the question, because I never said I was. And please learn how to read before commenting.


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  • I would say somewhat yes girls get a free pass, but it only lasts to a certain age. Once you start getting in the 20s, it's kind of unusual and by then it is partly on you for not being more open to guys or being more confident/direct.


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  • Yeah, it’s generally more accepted for girls to be inexperienced. Why? Because that’s just how society is. Don’t even act like girls have it easier, though. If you want to discuss gender inequality, let’s talk about how innocent girls are prudes, and girls who have sex are sluts. Both genders have it rough in different ways. Just because you’re bitter about not having a girlfriend doesn’t mean you should blame the entire female population for being feminazis. I am a girl, and guys hardly approach me, but I’m not butthurt over it.

    • I have no idea how anyone can agree with her answer? And what a surprise I get my other commented removed even though I get attacked for no reason. Can you say this site is ran by a bunch of man hating feminists? I can.

    • Who says he doesn't have a girlfriend? He doesn't seem bitter to me. Seems like a guy who's just asking for other people's opinions.

    • Thank You seeya36.

  • No, not really. I mean, for a few years into adulthood it might be OK, but guys will eventually start questioning her. They will wonder why nobody has approached her, what's wrong with her, and if they're better off not approaching her either because she might be crazy or something. It becomes a vicious circle.

    So no, she might not be judged that harshly for it (at least openly), but it definitely won't attract more males, and it's definitely not a "free pass".

  • Yes, some of the sh*t guys get for being inexperienced in their 20's is something most women don't get. But after a certain age, let's say mid 30's, a woman becomes just as mocked for her inexperience as a guy would. So it doesn't last very long.

    • But she has those 10 extra years to experience life, without going through crap guys would. So in away women have it easier in the dating world. I doubt much changes after 30 maybe some things but I doubt all.

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    • I wasn't talking about that. That's just the way it is. But I was talking about catfights and gossiping. Girls put each other down for the most arbitrary reasons. No matter what you do, someone will find a reason why they find you a slut. And if you have a little tummy, you're called a fat pig. If you're skinny, you're a skinny bitch. If you have broad hips or big boobs, you're also fat. Etc. So girls get a lot of criticism during puberty and as young adults

    • Oh my bad just thought that's what you meant. Guys have their own problems too they get called names, bullied made fun of so its not just women who get the short end of the stick. But society makes it seem like women are more worthy of men.

  • No, because if a woman has never ever been on a date, the implication is that she's never been asked out by anyone.

    • But what if she's too attractive to get asked out?

    • Yeah - effin - right. Extreme attractiveness may be a deterrent for some people, but it's not enough to ensure that someone's never been asked out ever. Girl or guy.

    • Right whatever you say.

  • A free pass? In what regard? Honestly, I'm confused. :/ I feel sheepish here, but I don't get what you're asking. Like, by society? Like, not being judged?

    • Like why is it OK for a female to save herself for marriage and everyone will comfort her? But if a guy says he wants to save himself for marriage people will be questioning his sexuality.

    • Okay, I see. Ummm. I respect a person either way if they wish to save themselves. I don't think it matters if you're a man or a woman in at regard. And, the people I spend most of my time with feel the same as I do. But, I guess, I could see that the majority of society might think there's something wrong with a guy that wants to wait. Not, because I understand really, but because I do see that it tends to be common. Maybe because men are viewed as sex hungry? I don't know. :/

  • The opposite I think. For example, a less than average woman would have much less trouble getting a date than a less than average man. It's just the way things are. Although, a woman who has never dated before could use the excuse that it was her personal choice, blah blah blah. A man could technically use this excuse as well, but it's less socially acceptable because as a society we find it unnatural if men are not interested in dating or being with women (barring homosexuals obviously).

    • Agreed with everything except the average woman vs average man part. I'm considered average and never had a GF, but I see average and hell even ugly women with BF's.

    • That was exactly the point I was trying to make.

  • Yep.

  • I think you're just angry that you don't have a girlfriend. But really, this is how this is. You can't change the perspective of society. Well you, can but it may take 1000 years.

    • Looks like someone doesn't know how to read. And so what if I am is that a crime?

  • No I didn't get a free pass . Someone asked me why I didn't make the move instead of waiting for guys to do so


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  • The funny thing is, you know how many complaints we always hear about "there's not enough guys/no guys will ask women out/why won't the guys pursue," it's pretty much never coming from a woman in her late teens/early twenties. Only from a woman in her late twenties/early thirties, haha. Men are never scarce for women in their prime.

  • Yeah life and society, the media laugh at and male fun of inexperienced guys, why do you think the movie the 40 year old virgin was made and the lead character was a guy?

    • I agree makes sense. And I laugh how women say its not about looks, income, and smarts. LOL yeah right my 23 year old cousin is getting married next year I doubt he would even be engaged if he wasn't good looking, smart and makes good money. I feel bad being jealous of my cousin but he's 100x better than me. In fact a friend of his introduced him to his GF.

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    • How often does your cousin get his paycheck? is it every two weeks like with most jobs?

    • I'm assuming every week? We hardly see or talk to each other he's either working or at his fiance's house

  • There's no such as the existence or lack of existence of a free pass.

    All you have to do is be normal. Even shy guy or girls can get together over time. It doesn't always have to be one person makes the move. They both can admit that they like (or not like) the other over time.

    This has nothing to do with feminism.

  • Guys might think she won't settle for anything less than Prince Charming, MD.

  • My last relationship (which lasted for 2 years) was a complete disaster in the end because of built up frustration on my part. I was her first and due to her inexperience and my inexperience with how to handle that we finally broke up.

    • Sorry to hear that funny how two inexperience people couldn't make things workout? But hey look at the bright side at least you were in a relationship and someone found you attractive enough to date.

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    • I don't think this was because of inexperience... I know so many people that are in their first relationship and are doing just fine, (with any small problem every couple has, of course...)

      Also, how could she still be inexperienced after two years? I mean, you lasted for long time together...

    • It'd both due to inexperience and some other issues. We lasted that long because we loved each other but finally broke up because we just didn't know how to talk to each other... something like that. I know now exactly what went wrong and what I'd do different next time around. I'd be very very carefull dating someone which shows the same signs she showed in the beginning. It's hard to explain but no free pass from me.