Ex boyfriend breakup

i dated a guy almost a year ago... I was his "first" everything... I'm just curious.. why he acts like I literally don't exsist now... I am happily dating somoene else now.. and so is he.. by, just can't comprehend why he acts as if he doesn't even know a 'my name' I was his first.. EVERYTHING. he ended it with me. by pretending me cheated on me... then admited he just made up the lie... bunch of childish stuff that I don't even wanna be involved with. but am I really not worth it?


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  • Some people need complete and total separation. And some people just simply behave childishly.

    He sounds like he fits into both categories...

    • lol. makes since... I mean... ill be honest. nobody can't say they have absolutley NO 'feelings' towards an ex.. you were with them for a reason... those feelings can be in any catorgory.. do I wanna be with him? no... I care about him, but not in the way I used to... I care about anyone who made an impact on my life... but when I hear/see that he's never "known" me it kinda hurts.. but.. hey, move on I guess. things happen for a reason.

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