Ever been rejected by someone on a dating site and ended up meeting/seeing them in person anyway?

There have been times where I'd message girls on dating sites and have been rejected or when we did talk, they ended up going nowhere and then at some point I met them through other people at parties, bars, etc or I'd just see them somewhere and it'd feel awkward.

This would happen at school which probably made it more likely to happen, but if this has happened, how did you handle it? Did you bring up that you talked on a dating site or did they? Did they recognize you? Did you end up dating or did you just become friends?

I've had one recognize me but we ended up not talking and others I became friends with. I never went out with any of them though.


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  • That's pretty funny and further giving the cliche, it's a small world, more realization. No I haven't and if I liked them and they weren't interested and I saw them later in person I'd feel some kind of way. Maybe if you open up the span of your dating pool a little bit more, then you wouldn't really have to worry about running into anyone.

    • lol, I'm actually seeing a girl right now that I met online, but that's besides the point.

      Also, I don't worry about running into anyone, it just kinda happened and then I thought to myself wow I think I messaged/talked to that person on a dating site, I hope they don't remember me lol.

      I just thought about this tonight and wondered if this has happened to anyone else.

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    • You know what's even funnier, I was with this girl last night at a concert other night and then I saw this other girl who looked a lot like this girl I met with. Wasn't sure if it was actually her or just a lookalike.

    • almost met up with*

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  • No I haven't ever been in this situation but if I had been I would feel weird and not want to be seen at all. LOL.

    Or... if I felt confident that day and/or they turned out to be less than expected I would approach them for fun. Haha!

    I'd have his attitude https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=0iyeUcFKRv4

  • I have never joined a dating site.

    • I said I'd never do it when I was 19, but then 2 years later when I had such a hard time meeting women, I decided to. Overall, I'd say it's worth it especially if you have a hard time meeting someone or are looking for a person with more common interests.

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  • I have been rejected hundreds of times. Rejection happens. You just have to be strong and always love yourself. You are #1.

    • lol, that's not even the point. I've been rejected a bunch of times, but all I was saying that it was awkward to meet someone in person that I got rejected by on a dating site. I don't let rejection get to me. Rejection does suck and it happens, but it's not as bad as getting led on. That's off topic though.

      I just have a good memory and seem to remember a lot, so sometimes Ill recognize people from their dating site pictures.

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