What is up with this guy?

Long story short I met this guy we hung out and he was very affectionate (cuddling, holding hands, playing with my fingers, etc) He always texts me first yet NEVER flirts over text unless he has been drinking. He has texted flirty stuff both times when he texted me while drinking. (not innapropriate stuff) Sometimes when I do flirt he won't even respond to my message, yet he is the one who texted me! Is this guy just really shy? Should I text him first to show I'm interested? Help!


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  • You should be concerned with the behavior change when he's been drinking.

    Ever since I took my last drink on February 3. 1986, I've made (and retained) many more friends.

    If you're interested (and non co-dependent) and willing to put up with the alcoholism, go for it!



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