Been dating this girl for about a month.

Hey Everyone,

So I've been dating this woman for about a month. She is a ECE teacher (Early Childhood Education teach, so she teachs JK and SK) Anyways, She has the sweetest heart. I meet her on E-harmony.

Anyways long story short, I meet her online, we hit it off right away, aka lots to talk about, a lot of the same interests and hobbies. We have been talking and dating for about a month. I wasn't trying to screw this up, cause I really liked how she is so sweet and so caring and I want my wife to be like that. So I didn't push for anything physical. Actualy I haven't even tried to kiss her. She has shown a lot of interest towards me. So I know the correct signs are there. Anyways, last night she was being kinda distant. And now today she's gone. Not a word from her. I've texted asking her if everything is okay, and I hope she's safe. Could anyone know what the issue is? She seemed fine all day, and then last night before going to bed it like she didn't want to talk to me anymore.. Which is weird since we have been talking steady all month everyday, and she initiates the convos about 50 percent of the time, me the other 50.

Any adive?


We have also been on a lot of dates together. She never disrespects me in public too, aka her eyes are always on me and she always wants my attention, and same with me.

Any advice?

Should I just back off and see if she will contact me? If she doesn't contact me by the end of the day, should I consider this as a write off?

She calls me her pooh bear, and booboo too all the time.. This just makes no sense...


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  • I doubt that whatever the issue was had anything to do with you. It maybe had something personal to do with her life, or just having a mood swing moment.

    I would at least try contacting her once more. Something along the lines of: Your confused by the fact that you haven't heard from her and it worries you because the two of you have had a stable communication pathway thus far.

    If she still doesn't respond than I would take that as pretty disrespectful on her part. You can't read her mind, or fix anything that might be wrong, if she doesn't communicate what that is.

    Though, if she comes through and you work things out I have to say that a month is a pretty long time to go without even a kiss. Just my opinion though. If it were me I would start getting confused over if you were really into me. Then again, I don't know the details of your relationship.

    • Well yes we haven't kissed or anything, but she is very touchy and stuff with me. I just don't wanna rush or make it seem like I'm only into her for sex or something you know?. That's all. I will for sure kiss her next time I see her.

      Thanks for the advice, I will shoot her a msg.

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    • it just makes no sense.. Like I didn't do anything wrong. I haven't pushed for sex, we haven't fought.. like.. I don't get it. She said she loves all these things about me. Like.. I don't get it... I asked her yesterday if she's interested in someone else. And she hasn't replied to my text.. So I should just forget this, correct?

    • Yeah I would just forget it. Seems like your better off at this point.

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