Why are race generalizations socially acceptable, but not gender/dating generalizations?

I once read this article ( forgot exactly what article or otherwise I would provide a link for it) and this employer said he wouldn't hire minorities due to negative past experiences with them ( Not showing up for work, not productive enough, etc) in the comment section of this article people were okay with this generalization and said that if minorities want jobs then they need to show they can be counted on and be responsible productive workers. One commenter said they resented black people because they had negative past experiences with them and he thinks they're all the same and of course everyone up voted his comment. Now whenever I hear a guy generalize dating and females due to past negative experiences with women, he gets ripped to shreds by the online community and gets called a whiner loser, bitter and its always 100% his fault all the time every time. So what gives? Why is it that society accepts certain generalizations but not others?

Share your thoughts . I was going to block anonymous answers on this one, but I don't want people to feel like they have to be politically correct since they can't hide .


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  • Because people are hypocrites. The majority of people justify their own personal beliefs and judge the beliefs of others when the bases of the belief is the same. (in this case it's generalizations.. one generalization is wrong with the other isn't)

    We can look at this from a few angles. The thing that stood out to me the most was numbers. Women are a bigger demographic than a race/ethnicity. Some people can justify this in the sense of you're hating/hurting less people if you're a racist than a sexist (yes it sounds retarded as hell, but like I said people justify their reasoning in crazy ways.)..

    Or... a person can say I have people of a gender (lets say women) that are close to me, but not members of a race/ethnicity so therefore it's easier for me to empathize with a gender than race/ethnicity.

    I don't condone generalizations (if you've read any of my past answers I tend to rant about this a lot lol), but if you have a bad experience with a specific person (man, woman, black, white, Mexican, Indian).. would it not make more sense to be cautious of the whole group instead of a section?

    For example, let's look at people who develop a fear of dogs due to a specific incident..

    You get bit by a dog, a Great Dane, and you develop a fear. Chances are you'll be afraid of all dogs, not just Great Danes. All f***ing dogs bite and you know this, therefore you are afraid of all dogs.

    Lets go back to people..

    Let's say I get robbed by a Mexican guy and develop a fear, Would it not make sense that I fear all humans because all human have the capability to act like this one guy?

    So to answer your question.. people are hypocrites and they justify their personal beliefs and judge the beliefs of others with the bases is the same.

    (I like how the majority of people who answered this only focused on the racial portion instead of the true question lol)

    • They only focused on the race part because they're usually the ones to accept racist generalizations but not sexist generalizations. I only asked this because a lot of people on GAG tend to lynch guys who had negative experiences with women , but they would never do the same to people who had negative experiences against despised racial groups

    • Like I said, people are hypocrites.

      It's more socially acceptable for a woman to have a negative view of men than it is for a man to have a negative view of women.

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  • Honestly, it's wrong in all cases but there are a few reasons why that might happen:

    1) The sexual minorities are generally more vocal nowadays. During the civil war, it was racial minorities that were more vocal. That's probably the biggest reason.

    2) Mistreatment because of race is now illegal. Therefore it's also a bit more politically correct to disrespect minorities because they have equal rights.

    3) At some point, someone did something that makes you dislike them a bit. Whatever was done, they stuck in your head and if they did something and they were different from you, you can begin to think it has to do with everyone with that difference. For example, at one point in time, I'm sure a Mormon missionary knocked on your door once or twice and I almost guarantee that made you dislike them. The next time this happens or this is brought up, it seems fine (or even natural) to dislike them more. Each time you think about it, you get a bit angrier until you just "hate" them for it and you would never "get over" this.

    4) Continuing with #3, once this happens to more people than just you, it becomes more acceptable to dislike them. This doesn't make it right to discriminate, and it doesn't make your opinion entirely wrong but it's now socially acceptable to generalize that way and so it is.

    Honestly, it comes down to experiences being generalized and followed entirely.

    Everyone is different so it's wrong, no matter what the minority is.

    • Sure but what about dating? when a guy has negative experiences with females then out of frustration generalizes and resents females everyone will jump him for it but when it comes to race, no one really makes a big deal out of generalizations and resentment .

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    • No I mean #3 of the dating thing.

    • Gotcha. :) Same thing, though. It's true. I might admit that one of my friends is an emotional whore and tease and horrible in relationships (not talking behind her back- she knows I feel this way) but I might not admit that another one of my friends is too obsessive in relationships. Both things are wrong and both are true.

  • Sounds like you were reading an article on the KKK's website...

    • I know right? I wish I could remember what site I saw that on but I can't remember for the life of me!

    • But seriously, whatever site that was, I wouldn't take it to seriously..

      No mainstream site/outlet would have people being so blatantly racist

  • the amerika I grew up in was far from what your article mentions. you say something less than praise about minorities and not only would you be labeled a racist and get ostracized, you would have unpleasant things done to you. hahahaha it happens on this site too.

    oh except for asians. you can talk about them all you want and nobody would blink an eye.

    • What about the dating generalizations? Why does everyone go to the race generalizations and not answer the dating generalizations?

    • neither is accepted.

    • Race generalizations are way more accepted than dating and gender generalizations . On GaG if a guy shows any type of frustration about his lack of success with women the GaG community will rip him a new a**hole. They'll bash him, call him a whiny loser, bitter, and everything is always his fault.

  • Neither is socially acceptable. That example you mentioned is not the general reaction people usually have to that. There are laws enforced to prevent that kind of thing happening.

    • What about the dating generalizations?

  • I feel like neither generalization should be acceptable. People are just people. And the only race that exists is the human race. There's so many socially made up 'races' that I can't even remember some. I think the best way to get over this is to actually realize that we're all just the same.

  • Let's be honest there are inconsistencies in our culture and in every culture.

    Also I think the fact that you read one article isn't a fair representation of how people feel about generalizations of minorities.

    I'm sure there are lots of people (me included) who are against those kinds of generalizations.

    Likewise, I'm sure there are lots of people who think that generalizing females in regards to dating is OK too.

  • Not in SA. You make a generalization about anything you will be accused off racism, sexism, discrimination and will have some from of action taken against you

  • I just think people should stop judging so much based on what someone might have heard or worst, stereotypes. Judging people based on their race is wrong. Here's the proof: During WW2, people judged the Jewish based on generalization. The outcome was wrong right? Why would it be any different with race? Generalization is not something that should be accepted in any case. Everyone is different and everyone deserves a chance to prove it.

  • There is a more even ratio of the sexes than races here.

  • Both of them are wrong in my opinion. I'm black and female so I've had to deal with generalizations from being both.

  • It's the other way around. Reason being there aren't many differences between...say...a black woman and white woman but there are a lot of differences between...say...a white woman and a white dude.


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  • Both are practical and usual pretty realistic, but not acceptable due to how many idiot pansies we have on the world.

    Of course, that often leads to conclusions people are too idiotic to realize they have. Let me ask you three questions, haha.

    1. You believe no race is smarter than another, right? So, whites aren't generally smarter than blacks, nor vice versa?

    2. Black guys are often bigger and more athletic than white guys, right? Such as, the NBA is 82% black, and they didn't get there because of affirmative action, right? Not to mention all the sluts who talk about BBC, lmao.

    3. If you answered yes to both questions, you now believe blacks are a superior race compared to whites, because you believe they're just as smart as whites, but quite often physically superior.


    • Nope I hold no generalizations whether it be race, back ground sex, etc.

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    • To be fair to the points in the original comment, different races are genetically different. There is truth in that. It's why with just bones, race can be determined. That's not racist. That's science. Of course there are advantages to certain genetic differences. Like how women have bigger hips for childbearing. That's not sexist. That's science and evolution.

    • lol! loathe.