Help, guy torn by the way women and I am one of them?

So I have been dating this amazing guy for a few months, and it is going really well. We both really like each other, click etc. When we started dating we discussed exclusivity, and agreed we were both going to stay away from our online dating accounts. So Friday, he texts me and says that through FB (he just joined recently) he has reconnected with his college girlfriend. He says nothing has happened but it has confused him. I asked if he was ending things w me and he said he didn't want to but he didn't know how I would feel. Having been in a very similar situation a few years ago, I told him I would stand by for a little while, but I would not wait forever. So, one tidbit she lives in another state and has a kid. So he went out w her Sunday I do not know details, I do not know that I want to. He told me it was weird and he is still confused and needed time to think. Lastnight he texted me and said he wasn't ignoring me or trying to P*** me off he's just been thinking. Now this whole time I have been acting like I have the whole time with some extra comments . He has told me how grateful and lucky he is that I am willing to do this, and he cannot believe howcool I i have been etc etc. The funny thing is, I am a very good judge of character, very intuitive, etc I do not think he bullsh*tting, trying to pull one over on me etc etc. its just a unique situation

and as odd as it is going to sound, this situation has made me like him more! he is clearly an honest, moral, stand up guy! Which he told me from the start but I still had my guard up

if I come out of this on top

i think my guard will be lowered quite a bit

i think this is partially why I want it sobad

i really liked him going in but he has proven himself to me beyond belief without even trying

I would love a man's insight to what he is actually thinking about, what goes into the decision etc. Also, how long do I wait? This is agony! Like I said I think I like him more because of all this! I feel like this other chic had her chance. Also! she asked if he was seeing someone, he said yes and told her about me and then she started coming onto him WTF nice girl code there.



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  • I wouldn't underestimate the power of old memories from when they were younger. They both may want to relive the past.

    Nice guy, moral guy, or not, if he is hesitating about what to do here, my money would be on him moving inwith this ex before long.

    I hope I'm wrong and you're right, but this is the way I would bet!

    Good luck here, keep pressuring him..the less time wasted on him, the better for you. This isn't such a complicated situation, and he shouldn't need a lot of time to decide.


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  • I know you want a guys opinion but here's my take- first off just give him space, don't talk to him or you'll turn into his back up or worse yet his friend. Let him go and let him miss you, if things were really great between you two he'll realize it.

    I can't really see him leaving his job and life to move back to an ex in another state- and even if he did I think that would be a mistake on his part.

    How long have you two been dating?