Appropriate amount of contact post-hookup (assuming you want to do it again)?

Met a random girl in a bar Saturday night. We were both fairly drunk and, after a few inebriated conversations, she invited me to her place and we fooled around literally until the sun was coming up. The next day we exchanged numbers as I left and she initiated contact via SMS about 15 minutes later. We've been exchanging texts sporadically since (though nothing today).

I tend to be a serial dater, but in this case, I just want to keep it casual. I'd like to meet up with her again this weekend, but I don't want to just text her at 2AM when I'm drunk (not that it'd have much success anyways). On the other hand, and perhaps this sounds rude, but I guess I have no intention on taking her on a proper date either.

Is there a recommended amount of contact given the situation? I actually have an insanely busy weekend, so I was planning on just calling on Thursday to gauge what her weekend was looking like and to see if it was possible to meetup at some point.


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  • Tell her exactly what you want. Be honest or someone will get hurt. But be nice about it. Liiiiike, "hey I had a GREAT time the other night, I'm not really looking for anything right now but I would love to see you again. If you don't mind;) drinks on me?" Obviously she's the kind of girl to have a one-night-stand, but she still has feelings, so talking to her soberly after that fact, should be done with care. No, "lets hook up", or "come over". If you guys are funny, something like, "rematch?", might be good. I'd only say to be careful what you say because girls are sensitive, even the ones that took you home from the bar. But don't worry about how soon or how much you should text her, because based on her responses, you'll get a feeling of when more is welcome or not. I guess if you need a rule... Don't contact her more than 3 times in a row without getting a response. But you were able to bag her in the first place so be confident


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  • I think you should try to see what she wants and be direct about it. Tell her what you said here

    "The Situation is that was a fun time but nothing more. I don't mind having that again, but only if you are on the same page"

  • Ask her when you guys can hook up/meet again... maybe not so bluntly but basically let her know where you're coming from... then she can decide whether she wants to continue with you or not, and respect her decision if she doesn't want to.


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