If girls enjoy a guy's company, why do they not initiate conversation?

Suppose a girl enjoys a guy's company, why is it that it's always the guy that has to send the first text/message/call etc., and keep the conversation up?

I get fed up after 3 days of such jazz, and can't be bothered. I find that after maybe a further 3-7 days, the girls realize that something's missing and they start to initiate all of a sudden. By then, I would have lost interest in them and can't be bothered..

Such a shame really.


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  • It sounds ridiculous, but it all goes back to the beginning of man. Gender is a social construction. It's all actions/ideas that have been engraved into our brains. Certain characteristics overtime become the "acceptable" norm. We have come a long way, but it's going to be even longer for thousands of years of certain behaviors to evolve. Men are supposed to be in charge (not saying it's true, just giving the standard idea), i.e. getting food while the women stay at home. It's all about gender roles. Some women (and I can say I'm like this) feel less feminine if they're in charge. Also, if you look at history, maybe even just 100 years ago (maybe less) it would be scandalous for a woman to initiate anything with a man. It's already changing with this generation of young adults being raised by baby boomers/Generation X. I'm guessing it'll start getting drastically different when Generation Y/Z starts reproducing.

    Bottom line: Some women do initiate the conversation, look for them haha. But some women feel it's the man's ROLE to do so, and if doesn't; he's either (in their mind) not into them, or isn't enough of a man. I know it's awful, but if I found out that a guy I was interested wouldn't be the first to to make a move part of my mind would assume he wasn't going to be the type of man that can take charge, protect me, support me. Basically, not enough of a man for me. WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE! But it's how my brain is wired.

    Also... women are f***ing crazy.

    • You have a point about us being gentically wired to suit our genders. However, I find that the culture for women in western societies is not to be feminine (except for the gossiping part).

      They are indeed, VERY masculine in many ways - loud, over-assertive (to the point of being argumentative and narcissistic), play the stereotypical male role (trying to lead; working; being independent; speaking with a deep voice etc etc).

      The feminine girls of today are generally found in church.

    • I'm not found at church haha. And I'm definitely one of those "stereotypical" women types. I'm very feminine in the way I dress, and act when it comes to a romantic relationship. I make crude jokes and hang out with mostly guys. But I expect to be treated like a lady and I never make the first move. That's just me though. I'm also incredibly high.

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  • I honestly hate those mind games.. If I enjoy his company I will out of my way to talk to him.. honestly with previous friends the girl would show off that he text her first..

  • Sounds like she's either playing hard-to-get or afraid of rejection.

    Actually I don't like to text very often (maybe 2-3 times a week) so I keep the convo short and just ask the guy out for lunch or something.


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  • Women just don't do anything. It will never change. All they do is sit and wait and make sure the guy puts way more effort into stuff than they do. It's unfortunate but that's how just about all of them are raised to do

  • Oh boy, have I been in your shoes!

    About 99% of all girls do exactly this - never initiate friggin' anything, always leave it to us guys. Glad to see that I'm not the only one that is completely and utterly sick and tired of that total and utter cr*p!

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