First date tonight?

Hes 22 I'm 19 - just to clear things up .

So this guy I like invited me to go out on a late birthday dinner/night out but we're both really shy he asked me today and set the date for tonight so I need help asap we are both really shy so I don't want things to be really awkward so what are good things to talk about or ask to break the ice and not be in dead silence or be really awkward I'm really nervous iv never really been on a date with just a guy its always group dates and double dates so I'm nervous specially since he has a truck and its lifted and I'm short :( so I don't want to make a fool out of myself lol


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  • Wow, I can tell you're really nervous. haha

    Ask him some things about himself. Like his family, if he has any siblings or any pets. Ask him what he wants to do with his life. Talk about him I guess.


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  • Here is a hint for you. People LOVE to talk about themselves. So ask him open-ended questions about him.


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