Should I text him first?

There this guy that I wouldn't say talking to but I don't know what to call it. We've chilled three times and had sex. -.- after the first time I didn't think he would text me but he did. Before the last time I saw him I tried texting him but he didn't text me back. I ended up texting him later on in the week or something like that and it lead us to seeing each other again. This last time he even asked me where I been? Lol. Smh. I want to hang out again and I've texted him a few times since I saw him last and he hasn't responded once . So should I try again or forget it ?


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  • I'll say text him first if he doesn't text you at all. If he doesn't reply back wait a few days, then call him. If that don't work, then ignore him until he calls or text you.

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    • It's been a couple of weeks I would say I texted him 3 times since I last saw him and no response.

    • It might be hard for you to do this, but don't call him. Make him call or text you.

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