Guy's birthday, hotel and dinner?

So I have been dating someone for the last couple months we waited awhile before getting intimate becasue of the fact that he would be leaving For work for a month to 3 months well he didn't know when he was leaving so we finally just gave in becasue we both wanted to we just didn't want to get to close and then him leave. So we ended up being together like 3 times and like 10 dates we still talk pretty much daily. Well he is coming home for about 3 weeks we are both over 21 but I'm living at home and he has family that lives at his place right now including young kids. so Privacy is kind of an issue. his birthday is coming up I was thinking of taking him out to dinner and Getting a hotel room For a night since we Haven't seen each other in almost 2 months. What do you all think?

i mean don't all guys want birthday sex lol?

Let me add he was in a 5 year relationship with apperntly very very little sex. He was then sigle 6 months and (he didn't have sex in that time). And before any girls say I doubt he wasn't sleeping with anyone else when he was getting sex. I'm positive he wasn't haha.


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