Mixed signals for a second date?

Here is how the first date went: We met online and I initiated by asking him if he wanted to hangout and he agreed and then chose a place for dinner. We didn't know much about each other so essentially, we spent the whole date trying to get to know each other. We both seemed equally interested as we ate at a casual restaurant for dinner. He paid for my margarita but we went dutch for dinner. It was his suggestion that we'd walk around the city so we did for a little bit and there were no awkward silences. Easy conversation because we both talk plenty. Then he suggested we grab a drink before he heads back home because he has work in the morning. Went to a divey bar and had a drink but I noticed that when he sits next to me, he doesn't sit close but rather like a feet or two away. Conversation was very easy though and we'd make eye contact with ease too. We went parted with a simple goodbye hug. When I got back home, I texted him saying Thanks for taking me around and that I had a great time and he responded by saying that he had a lot of fun too! When I tried to continue the conversation just a bit, he didn't respond. He's usually lame at texting...should I just wait for him to contact me? It makes me nervous I won't get a second date :* It seems like he is more cautious about making moves especially on a first date. I guess it's since he doesn't know me too well or is just a bit shy? I hope he's not saying he had "a lot of fun" to be polite.


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  • While I couldn't rule out that this was just being polite, nothing that you wrote suggest that to me. He does sound cautious/shy/formal about this but that's not surprising on a first date. I usually am that way too. You gave him enough reassurance to make it easy for him to ask you out again if he chooses. I wouldn't assume he's not interested based on a text exchange.You'll find out for certain soon enough.

  • Text after date has to just be a Thanks and OK, and that's it. If you already know the dude doesn't like texting, then don't expect him to text a lot. I don't think it's mixed signals at all.

    Give it a day or two. If you really want a second date, don't wait for him, call him and ask him out. And for god sakes don't ask him out with a text!


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