Why do guys lead girls on? What's the point of them doing that?

I've been texting this guy about a little over 2 months now. We would constantly be texting each other and suddenly he's not texting me anymore. He tells me that he's interested but then he tells other people that he's completely done with me. At this point I'm just really confused for the simple fact that he's telling other me different things then what he's telling other people. And there are days where he doesn't act interested and there are other days where he does act interested in me. I honestly don't know what's going on anymore.


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  • First of all, I don't think just guys do this, girls do it too and it´s because they need attention.

    Second, not all guys are like this honey, you just haven't find a decent one yet. To be honest, I think he doesn't want anything serious with you, he's probably attracted to you at some point, but will never take it to the next level, simply because he's not willing to be with you publicly (don´t know what the reason may be, but whatever reason, he has no right to be doing that to you). It occurs to me that he could just have been scared off at the possibility of things getting more serious or because you were developing feelings for him and he just wanted to fool around. Anyways, whatever the reasons for this guy to be such a coward to be talking about you behind your back and telling you the complete oposite, you should respect yourself enough to move on and not be there for him just when it's convenient for him, you deserve better honey, I hope you eventually realize that. Best of lucks to you :)


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  • Why do girls lead guys on? What is the point of doing that?

    It's because people like the ego boost of someone of the other gender pursuing them. Even if they have no intentions of reciprocating the affection.


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