She tells me I'm not a rebound, and that's why she doubts?

I started to date this woman about a month ago.

I am taking things slowly (we can only see each other on week-ends).

On our second date, she told me her previous relationship had basically stopped when we started talking.

I was extremely afraid I could be a rebound.

So yesterday she went to visit her friend in Paris, who's recently broken up. And she told me she spent the night thinking about us, and that things weren't clear.

I told her I had doubted too, when she told me about her former relationship. That I was afraid to just be a rebound, and that it had made me hesitate a lot, during a nearly sleepless night, before seeing her the next day.

To which she replied that I was not a rebound, and that's exactly why she was doubting.

I played it cool, saying that she shouldn't be doubting about me. And she answered that she was doubting about herself.

Now, she has huge self-confidence problems, and I think it could be a way to protect herself.

We haven't had sex yet. This doesn't look too good.

I might see her tonight. How do you think I should approach the situation ?



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  • mmm so, if you actually WERE a rebound, she would have no hesitations whatsoever?

    'doubting' is never good in a relationshipd, especially if it happens from the very beginning and if there's a fresh break up involved. if you're also aware of her self-confidence issues, it might well be she's looking for a quick substitute to her past relationship she's not satisfied about for whatever reason. instead of giving herself time to heal and think, she's jumping into a new bloke?

    give it some time anyway, see how it goes..


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