Why can't I find somone who's close to my age?

I'm 23 and every guy I meet is either too young or too old for me.At first I thought I could be with an older guy( late twenties, 5 yrs+) because they would be more mature..well that theory has proved to be wrong!All older guys do is treat me like I'm immature and a little girl and just want to hook up with me and meanwhile date older women, but then when I've dated younger guys (19-21) they all treat me like I'm hot but I'm too old for them and that they want to be with a girl whose 19 or younger.I don't know what's wrong here?I'm a very attractive, smart twenty-something young female whose in her prime and yet I keep meeting all these jerks and losers!Why can't I just meet a guy whose a couple years older and isn't out just for sex!Before I use to never date guys who were younger or significantly older(I don't know if 29 is considered that ?) and I had my limits.But then I started to broaden my horizons and not judge a book by its cover.Well now I'm starting to believe that was a wrong idea! I use to be picky and I thought that was my problem as to why I couldn't find a nice guy but now I'm seeing maybe I should me more selective from now on.That way I don't wound up with a jerk and get hurt!What is your advise to me, and is it best to just start putting an age limit on who I date?


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  • Wow. Well, not every guy is like that. Maybe your going for the wrong kind of guys? Its hard to say, but it will probably come down to a matter of time and a little luck, but you kind of have to get through the bad stuff to find someone special.

    • Yeah well I don't know if its the guys around here or what becuz it seems every guy I meet is a jerk or loser!They all seem to be so double-standard and quick to judge women but yet they pull so much crap!Im tired of meeting guys who just have no respect for women no matter what age, size or standards.Then it seems guys have this thing for "corrupting the innocent" which I could say is my case.Ive always been a little innocent, and guys seem to like to take advantage of that!

    • That sucks. Why the hell would someone want to corrupt a sweet girl? Its hard enough to find good girls as it is. That really just p*sses me off.

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  • Age litmit is not she problem here. It takes time to find a quality guy that is compatible. Believe me, I know exactly where you come from. I dated someone 12 years older than me that loved to throw the age card in my face but in reality was much more immature than I was.

    • That so true.The guy I dated was 6 years older than me but always threw the age card in my face.Then I thought "Well if I'm such a child, then why are you dating me?!" I'm like, don't be a hypocrite!I think it mostly has to do with control.They date younger woman so they can feel in control, but really the age has nothing to do with it and they don't realize us younger twenty-something woman might b smarter than the woman in their 30's who they think are all hot and mature which is not always the case

    • Exactly

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