She hurt me bad. I'm sick of women.

it seems like dating guys is so much easier. I've only been with one. its near impossible to find a bi guy when christianity has taken over your town. anyways I dated this girl. fell in love you know the story. only this time it took 3 years. she said she wasn't ready there were things about her she wanted to change. but then I stop communicating with her totally and she dates someone else. I was friend zoned as in she was using me for emotions and the second I stoped she replaced me. I'm so replacable. I feel insecure I feel stupid I feel useless. please help.


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  • First of all. You are under 18 (so your age says), your life hasn't even started yet. Let alone your love life for that matter. So chill. Don't let one girl get you down and feeling like this, obviously she wasn't deserving of you and at least now its become a learning experience and in the future, maybe you'll be able to see the signs of a proper relationship better or learn to read a situation differently, without being blinded by puppy love. Best thing to do? move on. Yep, its easier said than done as always, but at least try- if she's moved on so quick, why can't you? Make new friends- because the best relationships start from friendships. And hey, why not date guys as well? I hear the sex is better- although unfortunately, I'll never know xP

    • ahah thanks agreed. I wouldn't know either. but I intend on finding out

  • youre only young the chances that you would have gotten bored of her or her gotten bored of you are huge so really it was only a matter of time before someone broke up with the other. you're supposed to date a few people (one at a time) before you settle down with the best and nicest one you can find.

    you can't turn yourself gay or bi and its unfair on your gay/bi boyfriend because you won't truly be attracted to him and you'll be using him plus you'll be repulsed to touch him sexually or have sex which will further hurt his feelings.

    the only advice I can give is to keep busy so that you're mind is too tied up in what your doing instead of thinking about her and how it made you feel, you'll forget her after a month or two and be fresh and ready to meet another girl


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