Should I keep texting him?

Me and my ex broke up like a few weeks ago. We only dated for a few weeks anyways. But he broke up with me and said that we could be friends and still text each other.

Well, every time I text him, he takes forever to text me back. He was the one that said we can be "friends" and still text. But he never texts me. I'm always starting the conversations.

Like yesterday, I texted him something really important about me and he still hasn't texted back.

Should I keep texting him, or should I really move on?


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  • You are young my dear and he is taking advantage of your lack of experience. Don't text him! Why should you give him the privilege of receiving a text from you. You are worth more than that! Love yourself enough not to waste anymore time on that LOSER! Do good friends treat people the way he treated you? I don't even know what he did but I know his type. You dodged a bullet! Saying we can still be friends is saying that he can keep you tied to him until he finds someone he wants better or gets sick of the new girl. He knows he can always come back to you and you will still be there and then when he gets sick of you he can dump you again. He will repeat this cycle until you put your foot down. In the mean time you may be passing up a great MAN because you are still stick on this boy. BTW he thinks you are easy and he is probably telling all of his friends and they are laughing at you. He is scum. You are better then him. He is playing little boy mind games. Don't let him win. Been there done that!


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  • Move on, besides, it wasn't a few weeks relationship here sweet heart, it was more like "let's-see-how-far-i-get-with-this-chick" type scenario. seems like you got played.

  • welcome to real life, I see that women have some of the same issues that men have and I find it awesome. that lets you know that us men have power as well.


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  • Aw bless you, it is horrible isn't it. My ex did exactly the same thing. I broke up with him because he just would not commit to me and he was talking to his ex-girlfriend all the time. He begged me to stay but I had had enough. He begged for weeks or me to stay friends with him, so I agreed because I still really loved and cared for him. He said he didn't ever want to lose me from his life.

    Well those words held absolutely no water I'm afraid, I had to text him to initiate conversation, 2 weeks later he got a new girlfriend and he began completely ignoring my texts. I have never spoken to him since and we were together for a year.

    I'm sorry to be blunt but this is what this guy is doing to you, he thinks he is being polite by being friends but he is actually just prolonging your pain. Eventually he will ignore you completely. I suggest you cut this one from your life before he does it to you. Ignore him if he texts you, after all he broke up with you, time for you to find a man you deserve. :)

  • i wouldn't text him anymore. he doesn't seem interested.. but sometimes guys just need space. so just do nothing and he might text you eventually if he does don't run and text him right back wait a little and keep your messages somewhat short don't go crazy since he finally texted you and spill out everything you have been wanting to say. Don't want to sound desperate. good luck :)

    • Great advice! Thanks.

      Whenever he finally texts me back, that's the first thing I do. Spill out everything I've been wanting to say haha. I'll try and hold back if possible

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