He wanted space, then a few days later started messaging me. Is this a good sign?

My boyfriend of 10 months asked me for some space about four days ago. I'm actually not sure if we're on a break or if we're broken up at the moment, he wasn't clear. I just know he's been very stressed because of college and pressured because of his parents and he felt it was unfair to me that he didn't have much time to talk to me, let alone see me. He said he loved me very much and when I asked, he reassured me there was no other girl he liked. He's a very honest guy, wouldn't lie to me or try to hurt me, and I know he needs this break to focus on school because he actually cried when he told me about it all.

For the past four days I've been true to my word and giving him all the space he needs. The only text messages I've sent him are good morning and good night, both with an encouraging message or two to try to help lift his spirits up. I've asked him if he wanted me to stop a day into it and not message him at all and he said no.

Last night he randomly texted me out of the blue asking me how my day went and we talked a little bit for an hour or two before he stopped replying. I said good night to him and that was it.

I'm guessing it's a good thing that he messaged me although he wants his space?


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  • I'm sorry but if a guy wants you he makes it known that he wants you. This behavior sounds like he's trying out someone else but wants to make sure you're still available. I know you said you trust him and he doesn't lie but no one tells the truth about that. When he realizes how he feels about this other person he will either come running back to you or dump you.

    It's hard to break up with someone it's easier to gradually let them go or let them get mad and leave on their own.

    Do you really want to be in a relationship with someone who isn't sure or do you want someone that obviously wants you.

    • I know he isn't trying out any other girls. He's not the kind of guy to do such a thing to me if he was interested in someone else. It's not the first time he's done something like this, but he never broke up with me because of it till now. He gets over stressed or pressured because of his parents and he starts to become depressed and think he isn't good enough. And I noticed he will try to bounce back a day or two later. But with the whole break up/break thing, I didn't know.

    • You sound unhappy and he's obviously unhappy. He s the only one that can make himself happy. You can't fix him. This is your relationship, it won't change, you need to learn to deal with it or get out.