Couldn't handle all these mixed signals and messep up, girls give me some advice...

I dated a girl for 2 months (she's 7y younger) and we had really a great time. Then she broke up with me for no good reason, thinking I cheated on her. After the break-up I realized I liked her much much more than I thought. But OK, it took some time and I forgot about her.

3 months later (after no contact at all) she contacted me again, saying she wanted to see me or she will explode.

So I went ahead and met her. It was nice seeing her again: she told me she dreams about me, doesn't sleep, wanted to see me so bad, flirted, holded hands, hugged etc. I was really surprised, I tought she forgot about me completely...

A day later I felt it again... Strange feelings, thinking about her etc.

I started texting her telling how much I miss her, I wanted to see her again,... Everything went well. The next day we did the same thing, only she was a bit different and suddenly rejected all my offers. I got a little frustrated, couldn't understand why she changed so much. I tried to convince her with all I got, but no luck. I think I send a bit too much texts, pushing my will on her. Hell! I told her I had feelings for her. That scared her away or got she got nerves-stress from it, I think. I knew I was going to mess up before I send all these texts, but still I did it! Don't know why.

Her last message was: Thank you for everything. You're really special but I don't think it will work out.

I haven't had contact with her since, but I can't stop thinking of her...

I really want to see her again, but don't know how to handle this kind of situation... She's ignoring me

Can someone tell me what to do? Why does she tells me she likes me first and than rejects all I try? Girls pls tell me what it means and what I should do... I want to make up for it...


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  • I'm sorry but I think it's over. I'm really confused by her actions... why would she contact you after 3 months to lead you on and then blow you off? Sounds like she was trying to hurt you but that's really immature. I think you should leave her alone and try to forget her again. For whatever reason it doesn't sound like she wants to get back together. And I think you're better off not dealing with this weirdo. I'm sorry.


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