Guys, what makes you like a girl after only talking to her?

I've done online dating where I've messaged or texted a few guys for a week or two, but never met in person. A lot of them tell me that they like me before they even met me! I don't understand how someone can feel that way towards someone they don't even know personally.

So guys, if you've only texted/messaged a girl before even meeting up, what is it about her that makes you like her?


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  • I'm not sure I can answer your question directly but I can say that quite a few women I know who have dated online believe that most of this sort of thing is physical for most guys. Even where it isn't about sex, you have to wonder who it is they think they like. Since they don't know you all that well, the closest they can reasonably come is liking someone who is similar to you. This is no indication of whether they really like you if they got to know you. So whether they are being dishonest or unrealistic, it is a bit of a negative for me. One response to this would be to ask them why they like you so much and demand specifics. If they can't say, suspect dishonesty. If they describe someone unlike you in detail, you can set them right.


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