What to say to girls on dating sites?

A lot of people seem to have success meeting someone on dating sites. But I have no idea what to say to the girls, I'm good looking and I really want a girlfriend but I have no idea what to say to them.

What to say to girls on dating sites? Advice please and examples would really help.

What if her profile doesn't have hardly any info? How do I start a conversation then?


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  • You have to just be relax be cool and be yourself.. don't try to sell yourself up. or lie. Just simply make conversation.

    You don't know nothing about her, other than some interests she may have written down on her profile. So this gives you free reign to ask her about herself and what makes her happy. You want to know this women inside and out and finding interests in her that may inspire you. The goal is not a date... the goal is to love this woman for the rest of your life. If it isn't then you are not ready to date .. Now I don't mean to fall in love right away I mean take a deep interest in her and if she doesn't fit then do not force it. that's what I mean about that.

    you want to ask questions that have depth not one word answers.

    ex: what was your happiest moment as child?

    what would you do if you you had a weekend free with endless expenditures and prosecution to do anything you would want?

    questions that allows you to answer too... and pay attention to what she says and take it in, and use that info to bring up more conversation..

    Women love to be listened to. Only talk about yourself if asked. or if you feel it seems one sided.. If she asks about you then she cares if not move on!

    Do not compliment there looks at first ALL the other guys are already doing that and it is a shallow attempt to get their attention and shows no depth to you. She wants to be known from the inside so that's what you talk about ...

    Be funny laughter wins the heart, be intelligent and feed her mind and wake up her senses!

    • Okay this is like the best possible way too put it! you just read all womens mind! Great advice!

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    • I agree this is some ingenious insight.

    • and thank you Sir... Good luck I don't use online anymore but I had found many wonderful women on there. fact: my brother found his wife online married for over 6 years now. lots of hope :).

      just be yourself and do make anything up. Each person that I had messaged the conversation had a different feel for each as if it has a life of it's own as every conversation in public should and does..

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  • Just say why you're interested in her in particular. Girls like to feel special! :) If she lists some hobbies that you're also into, say that. If she has red hair and you're into that, say that. If she says she's looking for a certain type of relationship that you're also looking for, say that. It's super easy. Just say why you decided to message her.

  • well you are about my age so all I can say is pleasee don't be over cocky confidece is nice but not cocky.

    - Don't say anthing you don't truly mean

    - Use humour girls love it

    A joke always got my attention.

    The guy I'm dating was super shy when we met and he just came out of no where with this joke that threw me but made me laugh and the rest is history.

    Good luck its not so bad :)

    • Just try something simple like hey there :)

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  • The majority of guys have no success at all using online dating.

    Whether you do or not is more dependent on how good looking you are and what quality of women you are looking to date, rather than what words you say.

  • If it sounds wrong in your head, either don't say it, or change it around so that it sounds better. Girls, like guys, react well to things they like. That's all it takes...of course they have to be attracted to you too, but you get the point

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