Is this guy playing games or what?

About two weeks ago I was in class and the janitor came up to me to give me an anonymous note, she said someone told her to give it to me. I read it, and it said that he usually doesn't do this, but he had been glancing at me when he gets a chance and thought that I was gorgeous and would like to go for some coffee sometime. He gave me his name and phone number in the note.

I was shocked and flattered because no one had ever send me anything like that. A secret admirer note, wow.

Later that day I texted him to make sure I was the girl he was talking about, I sent him a pic and he said yes, that was me.

But last time we texted, I told him I wanted to talk to him in person because I only saw him once and it was just a quick glance and he said OK, but the next day he was absent. If I text him he doesn't reply or of he does, he takes hours. When he does the texting he only sends a smiley.

I'm confused.

His class is next door to mines.


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  • Hmm I don't know lol that started off cute then went creepy be careful

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