Guys, this type of girl good or bad thing?

Okay a little about me so you will understand the question I'm 21 I like to think of myself as a girlie girl with a little flare lol

-i watch football

-whiskey is my drink of choice

- I would way rather have a steak then a salad lol

- I love shooting

-pretty much any kind of sports

- motorcross love it

- I'm down for anything

-if I could I would have sex multiple times a day a would be very happy lol

nut I still dress super girlie I'm in heels at least 3 times a week and usually a dress so its not like I'm not femine I take care of myself I'm 120 pounds but big busted. all of a sudden my boyfriend just completly started being a jerk.. I had no idea why until I found out that one of his friends made a joke about " how he better keep me close or he is gonna be screwed" and appertly all his buddies agreed. Why the heck would he be mad at me for that he is acting so weird he didn't text me for 4 days I sent him a message about something and just no response for four days I never sent him anything because I just wanted to give him some space. Well now he is mad that I didn't try to text him. WHAT DID I DO HERE? am I missing something


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  • Sounds like an ideal girl to me.

    And it sounds like his friends think you sleep around.

    • well thank you and psh ouch! lol

      his best friend said he is worried that I make myself to diserable and is worried of loosing me. Does that make sense its just frustrating because I didn't do anything!

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    • THANK YOU! we had a talk which is always just so much fun. ha ha but he said he didn't realize that's how he was acting like you said he was just worried I was going to go for someone else. but we worked it out hopefully and we shall see if he changes. thanks so much for your advice! It was about to go completly differant ha ha :)

    • That's great. Good thing you talked to him, if he was paranoid he may not of realized what he was doing, like I said earlier when someone gets overly paranoid it ends up being counter productive because you risk losing the person your trying not to lose. Good thing you brought it to his attention, I hope everything works out well for you two. :)

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