Setting up a 2nd date: is it OK to call on Saturday or should I wait until Sunday?

Had a nice date on Thursday, but she literally ran after her bus before I could try and set up a 2nd date. It's now Saturday and I really want to call her, but I assume she has plans tonight and I wouldn't want to call and bother her if she's out with friends (or should I just make sure to call before 8 or so?). Also, I do NOT have plans tonight, and I don't want to seem 1. like a loser and 2. like I am trying to go out with her tonight.

I'm probably over thinking it, but Sunday seems like a better time to call IMO, but I don't want her to think I'm not interested by not talking to her for a few days. Your thoughts?


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  • 1) Your not a loser if you don't have plans every Saturday night, &

    2) If she had a good time too she's probably waiting for you to call.

    So I would reccomend you call and ask, & don't get offended if she does have plans.


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