Will he text me possibly?

Guys, if you really liked a girl and you were in a place with bad reception, would you try your best to text her? Or just forget it?


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  • Give it a try and if it didn't work after 10 minutes id stop and just wait until I had better signal. At which point I probably would have forgotten that I still had to text back

    • Can signal really get that bad though? When you're out camping or in an area with really bad reception. I've never gone camping or hunting or whatnot so have no idea how the phones work!

    • Phones work via radio masts which are dotted all around most suburban places and they have a range of a few miles. Once you get out of that range, unless there's another mast then you literally have no signal.

      The only way of getting around this is by having a satellite phone.

      There are lots of places on earth where you get zero signal. No messages in, no messages out.

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  • Few months ago my ex went for vacations on a national park where some parts had no reception. He said he was going to text me but he didn't. That's understandable, but the thing is that he was all over his Facebook through his phone, but didn't take the time to send me a quick "Hey I'm ok" text. We eventually broke up partly because of it.