Are my boyfriend and I broken up or just on a break?

About 5 days ago my boyfriend of 10 months broke down to me and told me he wanted to be friends right now. College is hard for him, he's a freshman and has constantly busy with school work and is worrying about failing and his parents are constantly putting pressure on him with their high expectations and he felt like it wasn't fair to me he had no time to talk to me or spend with me because of all that was going on. He reassured me there were no other girls he liked, and he loved me, but he just needed some space for a while. I told him I understood and that I would wait for him. Before we parted ways I said I hope he comes back, and he said he probably will.

For the past five days I've been giving him his space, only sending him good morning and good night text messages (he told me those were okay. I also asked if he would rather me not send anything at all and he said no). He texted me Friday and we talked for about an hour. It was just small talk, but I was happy he contacted me. Last night I noticed he was on Facebook and out of curiosity, checked his page and realized he never changed his relationship status to single or anything. (I didn't either, I just changed it to a complicated relationship).

I've received a lot of advice from people about this situation, and all said to just give him time and he will most likely be back after things settle down in college. But I actually have no idea if we are still together and this is just a break, or if this was actually a break up. What do you think?


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  • I think you should take your boyfriend's words as the truth and not worry or speculate that he is lying or anything like that. there is really no reason for him to lie. aside from that I would really think about how you feel about him and if you are OK with him needing time to get things sorted out with school. not to mention having his parents putting the pressure on him that can't be easy at all. I think you should just give things some more time and take care of yourself. I know it's hard to do but sometimes time is the best medicine for everyone. I hope you'll be OK and that you can enjoy the time you have for yourself and go and do things for you! take care.

    • I don't think he's lying and I know he needs this time and I'm okay with that. I love him and I want him to do whatever is best for him. I've been told by many people that after finals and everything settles down he will most likely come back. Do you think he might?

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    • Your profile doesn't accept friend requests -_-

    • Oh no I didn't even realize I had that turned off! just enabled my friend request. Look forward to keeping in touch. Glad to hear your boyfriend is keeping you updated! Hope you have a great day!