Why he doesn't call?

I met a guy online. our second date went well, made out and end with no sex. He doesn't call me but just text me back and forth. I'm the only one initiate text him. I wonder does he interested or not.

i know women like to talk on the phone. How about men, why you just text back and no call. Do I on his mind just wonder?


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  • It really doesn't sound like he's that into you. Why don't you try to meet him again on a 3rd date and see what he says. Or call him and see if there is a connection. I find text messages are too easy and don't really tell the whole story. As for men talking on the phone, I find that I can talk for hours on the phone if it's the right girl, but I would prefer seeing her in person. I just find if I'm going to spend an hour on the phone, I would much prefer a walk. We are visual creatures, and being able to even go for a walk and hold her hand allows me to feel much more connected than just hearing her voice.


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