Why would he give me his number and take forever to respong back?

I have been getting to know this guy. He went up to me and we started talking a lot on fb. He always messages me. Like if I messaged him so he won't feel he is the one making all the effort.

He asked me to hang out twice but I couldn't so I asked him once and we did hang out. Well he wants to hang out again. He offered 3 times but we haven't talked about when. Before he got offline he said he is getting offline and gave me his number to text him.

I texted him and he texted back "helloo"

and I didn't know how to respond so I told him "sorry I took awhile to reply back. I forgot my phone was on silent."

he hasn't texted back

He seems to message back a lot more when we talked on fb. So why did he give me his number and is taking forever?


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  • Maybe he's a bad texter

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