Does he like me or does he just like being a flirt?

I met this guy online just on a social media site I am 18 he is 22. He is in the air force and a guitarist. He is divorced. At first we were just talking. Then we got into some personal things like how his wife filed for divorce and he tried to kill himself. He said I made it easier for him to talk about than anybody he worked with and how sweet I was. We have been talking for about two weeks and he sends me covers that he does on his guitar. We started flirting pretty hard and he admit he had a pretty bad crush on me and he started calling me babe and baby. I asked why he was single and he said because he never met anyone as sweet as me. He told me how beautiful I was and how wonderful I was :) He gave me his number to text him and I did. I told him I was working until 12:30 and he said he would talk to me all night and he did. He called me baby and babe I was talking about how when I dated my dad got protective of me when I dated and he said when a guy wants to date your daughter he is always not to be trusted. I said oh I think my dad would like you and he said oh you think so baby we will see about that and he laughed at things I said I was definitely keeping his attention and he said he thinks I already stole his heart and then we joked about a girl that is so jealous of me for some reason and thinks we are dating he said do you want my kisses and everything you have said makes you sound perfect and we should post pictures on our profile of us kissing and etc.. is he just flirting or does he like me? I usually text him first and sometimes we talk for awhile and other times not alot.. Advice please?


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  • BE VERY VERY CAREFUL here... hAVE YOU MET HIM? honestly if not please meet him in a very public place. yes he is saying all these things that make you smile and giddy but it sound fishy. I met my guy the same way and he was sweet and stuff but honestly I don't trust this guy he souds like he is playing a game with you. my guy is also the same age and from my expiernce the sweet things are very normal and the talking about all the personal things but he seems to be getting awfly personal if you haven't met him.and you are 4 years apart which is fine but since you are 18 you are perfect "prey" just slow it down and meet him. hope I helped.

    • what kind of game? He doesn't like me ?

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    • Let me message you hold on

    • I never got it :(