How can I teach him to do more than kiss?

okay, so I'm dating this guy who has never had a girlfriend (before me) and didn't have any experience with girls. When we first started dating he wasn't the best kisser, but I kind of taught him how to kiss. now, it seems like all we do is kiss (I mean we never do anything more...exciting than that). It seems like he just doesn't know what to do or how to do can I gently and slowly get him to do more advanced stuff than making out? Idk, I just don't know how to "teach" him without overwhelming him.


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  • Do to him what you would like to have done to you.

    It's called mirroring.

    For example, if you want him to be more spontaneous, show him how much fun it can be when you take the lead and do it first.

    When fooling around, ask him if he likes what's being done to him. Clue him in to what is supposed to be pleasurable by showing him on his own body. Of course the anatomy is different, but he will learn in time. Just like he did with the kissing.