So frustrated with myself - Blind Idiot

I'm so frustrated with myself for being such a blind idiot. I met this amazing girl and had a few wonderful dates, but I think I may have missed the deadline for advancing the relationship - all because I'm an idiot that doesn't recognize the signs when they are there...

We may not even be able to get together this week because she is busy (and if not this week, not until at least Sunday next) and I think by then it will possibly be too late. If we can't get together this week... I'm sorely tempted to tell her via text (lame, I know, calling isn't that much better though).

Sure I learned for next time... but next time (historically) is VERY far away. And she's awesome enough I would much rather make this time last quite a while.

This is the first time in literally years I've had such a connection with someone... I don't want to give it up but I don't know how to make it work... Sh**, this was my first date in over a year and the first potentially serious thing in almost two years...


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  • If you're so set on her then don't give up so easily!

    Just because you might not be able to see each other or go on a date for a week or two doesn't mean things are ruined.. have some patience, and be persistent. Keep in contact with her and let her know that you still care about her.

    • I had actually not that at all - I've been so wrapped up in myself I simply... didn't. Thank you :)

    • No problem, and good luck (:

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