17 year olds dating. Mother thinks they hang out too much? What do you think?

Alright, so I'm 17 years old and I'm a senior in high school. I've been dating a guy (also 17) that I've known since sophomore year for about two weeks now. We hang out twice a week, once at my house and once at his. However, my mother is all of a sudden saying that we hang out too much when SHE is the one who said hanging out twice a week is fine. She told me that she can't "relax" when he is over, which doesn't make sense because we don't bother her at all. Now she doesn't agree with me going to his house once a week even when his mother wants me over once a week because she likes the fact that her son keeps the house clean. His mom also said she likes me and trusts me. I dunno, I just feel like my mother is treating me as if I'm 5. It's as if she thinks I am incapable of balancing this relationship with other things. My grades are fine, I have a 3.7 GPA. My boyfriend is very sweet, smart, and athletic.

GUYS SERIOUSLY, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do we "hang out too much"?

What the hell do I tell my mom.

How do I convince her to let him and I continue with hanging out twice a week?


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  • No that's not hanging out too much but seems like your mom thinks you guys are having sex or touching too much around her and its making her uncomfortable.


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  • I understand your pain. This is what I told my mom...

    I told her that she needs to let me grow up some day. I'm not going to be living at home forever! Then she was like... I need some time. Then I was like how much time?!?!

    It's just twice a week. Its not like ALL WEEK.

    Tell her even his mom wants you to be over there. She likes you.

    • What else do I say!?

    • Ask her what you guys can do to ease her nervousness. Offer to spend more time at your house instead of his. Maybe have dinner with each of your parents together. Stuff like that. I don't know.