Questions about dating a girl?

1. When do I introduce her to my parents?

2. When do I introduce her to my best friend a day after the first date?

3. Would she like it if I let her eat the last slice of pizza?

4. Would she like it if I prefer to be around her family than mine?

5. Can we fake wrestle?


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  • 1: when you feel you can and you told your parents about her and you feel the relationship is going somewhere serious.

    2: it's your best friend, I don't think it matters that much when your friends see her. You can't put a date on that, because it depends on how you both feel about each other.

    3: I usually ask people if someone wants the last piece, not just with a boyfriend.

    4: if it were me, I'd wonder why you prefer someone else's family above their own

    5: if she likes that, I can't see why not


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  • 1) After you've been dating a few months

    2) Never - introduce her to your best friend after a few dates

    3) Girls don't want to eat on dates, they don't want you to think they are fatasses.

    4) She might, but you might not prefer her family

    5) you can fake wrestle. It's more fun if you're both naked and in a pool of jello.

  • when she want to meet your parents

    after 2-3 meeting

    yes she like

    may b

    not at all

    if you impress her then send lovely flower with floweraura ..