Ladies: What kind of girl am I dating?

My girlfriend and I have some mutual friends, some of which she told she either hooked with and some just messed around, one of them said wouldn't have sex with her but liked her bj talents so she would visit bout once a month. Well, that's fine we are both adults, single parents, and I'm no angel. I didn't ask her to tell me this. Great personality, beautiful, wonderful mom. My problem is that since I'm the first guy she is seriously dating since her divorce she made me wait for sex, I respected that, did it, was worth it. Now, now she has a uti and refuses to give me a bj, Wtf? I care for but I want to get off. She admittedly refuses and gets pissed when I ask, been 2 weeks, I have told her I need some relief, doesn't care? What's going on?


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  • Who cares, dump her.

    She plays games around sex. Maybe she just wants it when she wants it and is happy with the 'you being faithful' part of the monogamy but not the part where she then becomes responsible for meeting some of your needs.

    Or maybe she thinks that if you care about her you're supposed to not need sex any more and you being frustrated is how she feels cared for.

    In either case, its early, so get out now.


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  • Dude, sometime women need a break.

    My Boyfriend and I had sex 2-4 times a day when w first got together. Then, my sex drive started to slow down a bit, and he got upset because he thought it was a form of rejection..this turned me off. Give her some time, no girl wants to feel like their BF's only want sex and don't care about their feelings. Jerk off! I don't know why you would want to screw a vagina that has a uti really hurts the girl and it prob smells funky.

    • We both work full time jobs and are full time parents, never had sex more than once in a day, and don't get to see each other everyday, which is why I don't understand when she has the chance to give me some relief, she says is rubbed the wrong way by me asking. I care for this woman very much and would only be aroused by whatever state her vagina is in, I want blow job which she

    • Well sweety, I guess you just have to ask her about it. It seems like you're in a pickle and she's the only one with the answer.

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