Is this guy worth it?

There's this guy, and I really like him. But this girl also likes him too. He was in love with the other girl a couple months back but got over her cause she wasn't interested. Me and him got pretty close, and I started getting feelings for him. Lately we have been hanging out a lot with a bunch of friends and flirting like crazy! Apparently he's flirting with the other girl too. Today he suggested me and him getting together next week just us two. I don't know if I should just let him go, cause he doesn't know if he likes me or the other girl. He's leading both of us on, and I don't wanna get hurt.

is he even worth it?

guys: what he is doing, what does that mean ?! Who do you think he likes ?!

girls: is he worth it ? What should I do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Men often times have feelings for more than one women at a time. I would talk to him openly about his feeling for this other women and ask him what his intentions are for you and her. I would still go out on a date with him if you like him, there is nothing wrong with that...that's how you get close to him as a girlfriend. But, I would NOT sleep or even go near that area until you know he's interested in you only...or at least moving forward in a relationship with you.


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  • I definitely don't think you should not go out with him because he might be interested in another girl. I am a flirt, whether in a relationship or not, doesn't mean I would get with the girl. Talk to him about it. I would be cautious, but not so quick to dismiss him.


What Girls Said 1

  • he's just asking you to hang out. This may give him a chance to see if he likes you more. Give him a chance.


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