He's afraid to meet me, why?

Okay so about 6 months ago, my boyfriend me and I broke up. He started saying things like I deserved better than him and stuff. Then there was no spoken end. He literal just stopped replying to my texts and phone calls. I then was told by a friend that my boyfriend had told him we were broken up. I still have his passport and his mother has texted me asking about it. I told her that he could have it when he came and picked it up. The mother then told me that he was afraid to face me. I don't understand this. Why would that be?


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What Guys Said 1

  • That is some strange behavior. From basing only what you wrote it sounds to me like he is afraid and insecure. The first thing I thought of when he said you deserve BETTER like he did something he is ashamed of that brings him to this insecurity. Fearful to pick up his passport ? very suspicious.

    • This was all completely out of the blue. Nothing happened that I know of.

What Girls Said 1

  • Its not that's he's afraid, hm wel it could be but then he is just imature but I think he dosnt want to face you cause he dosnt want drama, he's thinking that you might say something that causes drama when he sees you


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