Why do so many people get married when they are 28 years old

I used to like these 2 guys and now they are both married. It's only been 2 years and they both got married at the age of 28. I had a friend who dated 300 girls on a dating website and now he is in a committed relationship leading to marriage. On Facebook tons of other people are also getting married this year as well.

I don't have a significant other but I believe I will also be married within the next 2 - 8 months because I finally know what I like and what kind of relationship I'm looking for and what marriage minded men want from me.

So my question is: Is it age, desperation or maturity that causes people to get married when they are 28?

I used to think that it was desperation but now I believe it's maturity


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  • May be they find themselves more responsible or they think that they should have some relations now


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  • Its stupidity imo.

    Marriage aka Slavery.

    Compare and Contrast the similarities between Marriage and Slavery, you will find they are almost the same.

  • It's just both. That's all. Desperation because they are getting "old". Maturity because they finally grew out of "Stupid".


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