Getting to know a girl from my home town

Recently went back to my home town for a few days and ended up meeting this girl. the conversation has lasted over a week now and has consisted of really long messages back and forth about pretty much everything. Here's this issue... half the time she only responds to my question but doesn't really leave much room for the conversation to naturally continue... she is always pretty quick to answer and when she does I get very detailed texts. the conversation has never had a real stopping point because she always responds... am I OK to keep asking her about herself and keep the conversation going?

Update: did some reading through other questions... looks like I don't have her interested in the convo. basically she likes me enough to answer every text, but I'm not saying anything that would make her want to keep talking. blah


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  • at the getting to know her stage , not sure its getting romantic in nature , are you sure this was anything more than just friends ?

    you maybe have to try and take it to next level and find out if she is interested in more than friends

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