Did I mess this up somehow?

so, I had a pretty good first date last week. we were out for three hours, the guy texted me later that night to make sure I got home alright, and we texted for a little while longer. he texted me again the following night, and was kinda flirty, and implied we have to hang out again. the next evening I texted him wishing him and his team (he's a coach) luck at their game. he said thanks, then texted me a few hours later saying they lost. so we talked and he asked for a consolation hug. he also brought up the fact that I should "pick up my phone" this weekend, as it's an indication of how much I want to hug him. so the next night after his favorite college football team lost, I texted asking if he wanted another consolation hug. we chatted most of the night, and he asked what I was doing Sunday. I said I had a few things to get done, but no concrete plans. I suggested maybe we get together and watch some games. so we ended up watching the game, then we decided to grab coffee and go for a walk. during the walk he jokingly touched me, and finally kissed me and we made out a few times. someone was having a bonfire and I said that it looked like fun, so he said he had a fire pit and I told him "ooh, I want to have a bonfire!", then kind of apologized for inviting myself over. he was also supposed to watch a show with some of his friends that night, so I said we didn't have to do anything as I didn't want him to cancel plans with his friends, but he said it wasn't a big deal, they would watch it the next day. so we had a bonfire and then went back inside and watched tv, cuddle made out some more...there was heavy petting, and he tried to take my shirt off but I said I wasn't ready to go there so he backed down. we cuddled and watched more TV before I realized it was around 11 and said I had to get home. so he walked me out to my car and we hugged and he kissed me goodbye. I texted him when I got home telling him I made it home safely. he responded this morning saying "good!" apparently I made it to my bed safely cause I was passed out til about 8:45" to which I responded "haha, it was a strenuous day of watching football, getting lost in the woods, and cuddling. it takes it out of you!" and I haven't heard from him since. we usually don't chat much during the day, and he has gone more than a day without texting.

i'm not sure if I did something wrong or blew it though. I was kind of expecting to hear from him tonight. any input? thanks!


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong and I think it sounds like a great time. The only thing would be turning him down for sex, and if that is the reason he hasn't contacted you then he isn't worth your time anyway. You have to do what makes you comfortable and be yourself.

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