Guy told me I'm the one, not sure if I feel the same?

Last night, this guy I've been talking to suddenly texted me saying how he felt about me. He's a really sweet guy however, he lives in a completely different state and I haven't seen him in over a year.

Before, when I first met him two years ago, he seemed to really like me and we would go out quite a bit yet never officially dated. Long story short, he randomly stopped talking to me and later told me he moved away. Then we didn't talk for over a year. I was hurt and pretty upset since he was so flaky.

Now, he started talking to me again and said he was stupid to stop talking to me and that he wishes we didn't stop talking. It's been a few months of us texting (since he's still far away) and recently he's been telling me how he feels. He's said that we're perfect and he doesn't know how he got a girl like me (he said I'm the girl of his dreams). He also told me "love ya" when going to bed. Then on Facebook he's been posting statuses saying "I found the one" and "finding a girl that makes me better", etc. They don't directly say my name but he always posts them at the same time as when he's talking to me.

I do like him, however I have distanced myself quite a bit because he did flake out before. I told him he's a great guy and that we do connect well but I told him I don't see how it'll work with him so far away and we both have different future plans. He's still so persistent and saying that we're perfect and that I'm amazing and that I really listen and give great advice.

I'm just not sure how to feel about it, I'm not ready to settle down with someone who lives so far away and that was previously a flake. How should I tell him I'm not ready for this (especially over text) and that I'm not sure how I feel about it?

I don't want to break his heart, but I can't lead him on and keep acting like it's OK. Any advice? Thank you! :)


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  • You just did...tell him what you wrote here. You can't prevent "breaking someone's heart" - he is in control of his emotions and reactions, not you.


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  • If he's not mentioning your name, be aware that he could be talking to other girls. Let's just say I've seen this happen before.

    If you were his one, he certainly wouldn't have cut you off so easily. Not trying to sound harsh, but I find it helpful when people tell me things in a frank way.

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