What's going on? Does he like her more than me?

I have two problems that I need to address in this summary:

1] I have been texting this guy but the problem is, he always texts me first and we have a conversation back and forth for up to 5 messages and no matter what, if it's in the morning, afternoon whatever! he will stop texting for over a day and then answer back the next day with the same exchange. This has been bugging me to no end and I feel like he shouldn't even text me at all if all he does is send a few responses and then waits more than 24 hours to continue the conversation.

2] another thing is, I was hanging out with our mutual friends and this one girl that is in his class with him could not stop talking excessively about him. Throughout the day I've learned more about him through her than he has ever told me altogether. She also mentioned that they have been Facebook messaging each other for a while now.This person even went on saying that she was messaging him the day before while I only got 2 texts from him that day. I really like him and he texts me every weekend but I now that I am aware that our friend likes him, I don't feel like I should even try.

To me, all of this makes me feel like he's not interested but somehow feels like it's his duty to text me every weekend because he has to, but I don't want him to do this if he is having feelings with our mutual friend and cause it to be awkward around all of us.


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  • Nothing unusual about a guy that likes two girls. Some guys have 5 "slam pieces", if you will. The terminology is not mine here

  • Talk to him and find out how he feels.


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