Horrible communication, but he keeps acting like it's me?

I've been seeing this guy, but lately he's starting to frustrate me. He's great when we're together, but he's horrible at communicating. We're both pretty busy with school, so I don't expect phone calls and texts 24/7. But we'll go back and forth via text message and then he'll suddenly stop texting me. Then he'll hit me up another day like nothing happened.

I brought it up to him before, and he made an effort to do better, but he's doing it again. He had to audacity to ask me why I've been MIA, even though he was supposed to be getting back to me on something. I don't get it. Is this some type of new playing hard to get thing?!?!

Should I take this as a lost cause or explain why it bothers me? (Last time I just pointed it out to him.) Dating should be fun! I love talking to him and going out, but what he's doing is rude.


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  • Don't give him hints but just be clear and concise that you don't like what he's doing. You don't need to be rude and you don't need to get into an argument.


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