Girls and guys, date ideas on a low budget?

Hey guys my 3 year anniversary with my awesome boyfriend is coming up in JUST a Month away, I am low on cash and I loves eating at buffets preferably all you can eat but I can't afford to go almost half way across state just to go out and spoil him but then again I don't have a licence yet or even enough money for the idea yet, so please help me be it a local dinner where only he eats or a cheap downgrade restaurant that doesn't serve the best food and risk food poisoning and is close, what should I do and I might have to resort to making something for him...

I don't know what to get him and I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GET HIM SOMETHING OR TAKE HIM OUT AND SPOIL HIM, he basically has spoilt me rotten over the past 2 years and 11 months from anything and everything from jewellery, dates, sweets, photographs of us, etc, I want to make him feel extra special as well considering he saved my life as well countless times within that 2 years and 11 months

I'll take any suggestions, Please Just help me :(


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  • Making something for him is the best course of action'he'll never forget it, it's healthy, and it doesn't cost much.

    AND he'll feel more spoiled by that than being taken out to any restaurant.

  • Do something with him that he enjoys doing or activities he enjoys. Getting presents matter less to guys that is my opinion.


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