Why would he tell me to text him and make small talk every couple of hours?

We met at school. He went up to me..I added him and he as always messaged my first. He asked to hang out twice but the timing was wrong. So I asked him Friday and he said yes. He didn't want me to leave so soon but we both said next time we could hang longer

He invited me to his gig but didn't go due to problems. The next morning he messaged me and I told him I don't drink and he said it don't hurt to drink at times. We started talking about food and he said we should go sometime and I told him yea. He gave me his # and told me to text him so I did. He replied but took hours to reply back but he was on fb. He still liked my statuses.

I texted once yesterday morning letting him know there was school. And he only put thanks. I didn't reply back.

Does he not like me anymore and that's why he gave me his # nd takes long to reply. He hasn't even texted me pn his own


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  • "He invited me to his gig but didn't go due to problems. " Can you expand on this a bit? What exactly happened and what did you tell him? Maybe because of this he's not as into you.

    Really not sure, if he gives you his number he should be more interested, not less. The fact that he doesn't text you, well it may be he's just one of those guys with texts. Some people don't respond to texts or give long replies. However if he liked you...

    • I don't go to bars. I always felt really uncomfortable. But I was willing to go just to see him. When my mom found out we got into an agruement. I didn't tell him it was about him when he asked why I wad pset the next morning but I told hom she worries and I let him know I don't drink. He said it wasn't horrible to do it sometimes. After that we talked about food and he said we should go sometime dowtown to eat. I said yes and that's when he gave me his #. He likes my statuses still but its

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    • Oh okay well that's different.

      I think you may be over-thinking a bit. Give it a chance and contact him via the method you used before. It may just be he doesn't respond to texts often. I know I don't.

      Really make an effort to hang out with him and see where it goes.

    • It just got me thinking because he is always on fb and replied back fast on it compared to texting.

      Then people are saying he don't like me and only gave it to me so he doesn't feel obligated to reply back. Or it was only for an ego boost or to see if I'm interested or how much I am.

  • Guys do not use text in the same way that girls do. You might as well learn this lesson now, since most girls it seems will never ever learn this lesson.


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