Who broke up with whom?

So my ex and I dated for 2 years and we decided to break up this past Sunday. I started the conversation and said, "Before we break up, I want to thank you for everything and I don't regret dating you." He just sat there quiet and he agreed. So I want to know who broke up with who?


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  • Who cares who broke up with who. You both agreed to drop it. Why are you making this a battle of the egos? Your not better then him, and he's no better then you. Its that simple. What do you have to hurt someone to know that you have accomplished something? honestly? your that pathetic?

    You wanted to go, He clearly wanted to go too, cause he agreed to you. Why does it matter? You can say that you dumped him if you want, if that makes you "feel" better. Or he can say he dumped you. Who cares.

    The point is, you have gotten rid of w.e problems you were having. And you should be "happier" now. Not caring who hurt who. Or who should be crying and who shouldn't be.

    Just be happy that you haven't had kids with him, and had to break there hearts too. Imagine you were married, and you had to do this. This would be 100 times worse. Instead of being selfish right now, and worrying about or if I did a good job "hurting his ego". The main point is the baggage and other higher things that could have been damaged. You don't have baggage anymore, and w.e "weight" you had on your shoulders is gone now. So be thankful.

    • Wow your right, I didn't look at it that way. Thank you very much :)

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    • Anytime.

      Be a woman for now on. Trust me. I think your almost there. You just gotta critic some minor things. lol

    • Lol I will try my best and thank you again.

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  • I agree completely with the last comment. Sounds like it's an ego thing. I never understood why it's so important to know who broke up with who. It doesn't matter. Sounds like in this case it really was just a tie.

    It's done, and you both went your separate ways. In fact this is the best type of break-up, and just be glad it went this way and there wasn't a hurt party.

  • well you did but I think you're just surprised that he agreed with breaking up


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  • Umm, if you don't know that, how are we supposed to know? Whose idea was it to break up?

    • Mine because he had asked for a break and I gave it to him, and I waited for a month for him.

    • then obviously you did

    • You see, he was already playing with your emotions for a month. Who cares, just be happy you don't have to deal with him again. And you can now find someone who will wanna be around you 24/7 and won't want space. Its that simple.

  • Who the f*** cares. It's over. You seem to be hurt tho

  • Who cares