Is he giving me mixed signals?

So I know this guy for about 2 months, we go out sometimes with our friends, I had a feeling that he liked me but then one night he kissed my friend, I feel weird but I didn't want anything more than friendship with him and I told him that before. but then he still messaging me every weekend to ask me if I want to hang out with him and his friends I tried to avoid that because I kinda have some feeling that I might like him too but I don't want it to be complicated. well we messaging each other back and forward.

Last Friday he invited me to go out with him because all of his flatmate were out of town, he invited me to have a drink at his before because this place near his, so we had some drink, we had great conversation, we share same music taste, at some point he mentioned one of my friend that he kissed, he said that he went out with her some time they kissed and nothing more, he thought that he doesn't have connection with her and she still mesagging him but he's trying to avoid her right now.(I haven't talk to her much, we aren't that close) and then we talked about love life and I kinda have someone special (not bf) in long distance. I told him that, but then we hooked up. I told him that we can just forget it and think that we are drunk. but I was so confused. next day he messaged me again that he's hanging out with his friends and it's so easy for me to just catch a bus to go to his place, I denied it and said that I'm waiting a bus home. when I got home he texted me asked me if I got home alright and said goodnight to me. the next day he texted me asking me what were I doing and I'm more thn welcome to hangout at his place, then I decided to go so I'll know what is my feeling and also his, then after I said I'll go he just texted me "i dont' want to be annoying but I might take an early night, I'm so tired and falling asleep". so I just said its OK, he texted me goodnight and its been 2 days and he hasn't text me again. what is this ? I'm confused..

I just think that if he didn't like me he wouldn't keep messaging me for 2 months to ask me to hangout..


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  • Yes.


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